Do You Qualify for A Yard Transformation Rebate?

home with drought resistant plants in yard

The majority of at-home water usage is caused by outdoor irrigation. Many of our landscapes have grass turf or non-water-wise plants unsuitable for our drier, hotter California climate and require […]

Tips for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

beautiful clouds, trees, rock, and lake

This holiday season, we’re joining forces with Inland Empire community groups and the State of California to help keep the members of our watershed healthy. December is known for snowy […]

Simple Tips for a Water-Wise Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving feast and cheers

Leer in Español (Cuidemos Nuestra Agua) As we gather to give thanks this holiday season, let’s also be mindful of our water usage. With the Thanksgiving feast often bringing a deluge […]

¿Estás Preparado Para el Calor, California?

California está experimentando episodios más frecuentes de calor extremo debido al empeoramiento de la crisis climática. El calor extremo puede ser peligroso e incluso mortal si la gente no está […]

How to Stay Cool in the SoCal Sun

How to Stay Cool in the SoCal Sun

Leer En Español California is experiencing more frequent episodes of extreme heat due to the worsening climate crisis. Extreme heat can be hazardous and even deadly if people are not […]

Cómo Ahorrar Agua

Todos hemos notado los recientes cambios extremos en el clima, es importante que los residentes de California adopten prácticas de ahorro de agua. Afortunadamente, la conservación del agua no tiene […]

10 Tips to Conserve Water at Home

Save Our Water, broom sweeping up dirt and debris

Leer En Español As our state’s climate becomes hotter and drier, it is critically important that California residents adopt water-saving practices at home. Fortunately, water conservation doesn’t have to be […]