Our Story

Inland Empire Waterkeeper was launched by Orange County Coastkeeper in 2005 to tackle upstream water quality issues within the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed. To date, Waterkeeper has educated tens of thousands of students and volunteers on their watershed and water quality issues in order to foster the next generation of water warriors and ensure healthy waterways throughout the Inland Empire.

Our Allies

working with waterKeepers everywhere

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Orange County Coastkeeper launched Inland Empire Waterkeeper in 2005 to tackle upstream water quality issues and to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters within the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed.

While Coastkeeper and Waterkeeper share programs, staff members, and management, the organizations are tailored towards the needs of each region’s waters.

California Coastkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999 with the belief that clean and healthy water, oceans, and coasts are vital to California’s economy, public health and way of life. Using law, policy, science, and creative media, California Coastkeeper Alliance advances statewide policies and programs for healthy and clean waters.

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Waterkeeper Alliance is a global movement of community-based advocates united for clean, healthy, and abundant water for all people and the planet. While the Keeper movement started in the United States, it has grown to encompass over 300 groups across 47 countries. Orange County Coastkeeper is the 27th organization to join the Waterkeeper Alliance.