River KATS

Kids Activism Through Science

River KATS, Kids Activism Through Science, is an environmental education program that aims to connect students of the Inland Empire with their local environment. The goal of River KATS is for students to be aware of the beauty of their local environment and learn that they do not have to leave the Inland Empire to have fun in nature. In doing this, we hope to inspire students to become local environmental stewards who help protect the Inland Empire’s natural environment.

Our River KATS program provides hands-on research and field experience through group projects at no cost to schools or students. Research shows that project-based learning and environmental education increases students’ engagement with their schoolwork.

We have created a standards-based curriculum across the Inland Empire to provide in-person experiences and reflections. We provide field trips across the Santa Ana Watershed at no cost, removing the barriers caused by the cost of transportation, facility fees and substitute teachers. This program also allows us to take students to Orange County, specifically the beaches, giving them the opportunity to make a personal connection that could help inspire their continued stewardship and activism.

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school children learning how watersheds work

Students learning how watersheds work using IE Waterkeeper’s interactive model

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students at beach performing cleanup

Students testing water quality at the Santa Ana River mouth in Huntington Beach.

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