Helping Our Community Conserve Water

Since July 2023, we’ve partnered with the State of California and local organizations on crucial community outreach campaigns that directly impact Inland Empire residents.

These campaigns cover a broad spectrum of topics from water conservation and extreme heat preparedness to COVID-19 awareness and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) information. In collaboration with the State and other local leaders, our goal is to address pressing issues and provide valuable resources for our community.

To connect more deeply with the diverse Inland Empire community, we’ve embraced a comprehensive approach, utilizing in-person events, digital communications, and canvassing. We’re proud to conduct outreach in both English and Spanish, ensuring that our messages can be heard by many people.

Water conservation has been and will continue to be our main outreach goal. Through interactive activities and giveaways, we’ve been able to help Inland Empire residents protect our most precious resource. Save Our Water is a statewide campaign designed to help Californians learn easy and impactful ways to conserve at home. Click the links below for more information or find us at an event near you!

Save Our Water Information