Do You Qualify for A Yard Transformation Rebate?

The majority of at-home water usage is caused by outdoor irrigation. Many of our landscapes have grass turf or non-water-wise plants unsuitable for our drier, hotter California climate and require a wasteful amount of water to maintain.

Luckily, outdoor water consumption can be greatly reduced with careful planning, proper plant selection, efficient irrigation systems, and water management best practices. Saving water doesn’t mean giving up our gardens!

Updating yards and gardens to be water-wise cuts water usage drastically. As California’s water future becomes increasingly unpredictable, at-home conservation will be crucial in battling water insecurity.

There are customizable solutions to fit every style and budget that are both beautiful and functional. Need help getting started? Check out this awesome brochure that demonstrates different ways to transform your yard!

Many California residents qualify for outdoor turf replacement rebates through their public water agency. Visit this website to search your ZIP Code to find local offers and learn more about how to transform your yard.