Waterkeeper Works with Underserved Girls in the IE


This year we joined in on the Classroom to Career program, which provides young, underserved girls with the opportunity to explore professional careers in science. 

Since the start of this year, we have met with over 80 young girls at McLean Park to show them how our program director and scientists works to protect the water quality of the Santa Ana River for everyone and everything that depend on it.


Young girls were also introduced to crucial topics in watershed science like conducting their own water quality testing and learning the difference between storm drains and sewers. Many also hiked the riparian forest to learn about endangered and invasive species like arundo and the Santa Ana sucker fish as they identified footprints of common animals in the area. 


Learn more about the education programs, like River KATS and Rivercamp, we offer to local schools in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties!