Staff and Interns Scout Out Waterways in San Bernardino County

IMG_20170216_125628(1).jpgEarlier this month, Waterkeeper staff and the Stream Team conducted site checks throughout San Bernardino County to expand water quality testing sites, field trip destinations, and potential waterway cleanups.

As part of our continued efforts to benefit communities and waters in San Bernardino County, Waterkeeper traveled to Lytle Creek in order to expand our robust water quality research program. The Stream Team hiked along the creek to obtain the most pure water samples that are unaffected by urbanization, recreation, and homeless encampments. The Team wanted to compare sites downstream of the river to snowmelt much further upstream to analyze the impacts recreational use, homeless encampments, urbanization, and other factors have on inland waterways as well as to ensure this waterway remains healthy. After finding two sites to test, the Stream Team has committed to testing the water quality of Lytle Creek at least once a month to ensure it remains swimmable, drinkable, fishable!


 Our time in Lytle Creek allowed Waterkeeper to meet with friendly community members as well as the very informative staff of the US Forest Service of San Bernardino. As a result, Waterkeeper has partnered with the US Forest Service to bring River KATS students in Fontana, Rialto, San Bernardino, and other nearby cities to learn about and enjoy this beautiful resource in their community! Our first River KATS field trip to Lytle Creek was awarded to the Environmental Science class of Kaiser High School in Fontana, which will occur later this month!

IMG_20170216_150327.jpgThe Waterkeeper team also traveled upstream of the Santa Ana River to find the most impacted sites that would benefit waterways and communities in the area. After observing five sites along the Santa Ana River and tributaries in San Bernardino, Twin Creek was determined to be most impacted by the homeless encampment upstream of the creek. Litter and other trash was heavily present throughout the vegetation along the small creek, which eventually feeds in to the Santa Ana River. As part of our Crest to Coast project, the Waterkeeper team, project sponsors (Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water), and community volunteers will work together on April 22nd to help ensure Twin Creek remains healthy. Visit our Calendar to be involved in the Twin Creek cleanup!


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