The Santa Ana River as a Work of Art

dioramaproject13_(2).pngLocal artist, Adam C. Maron, was inspired to sculpt the Santa Ana River Watershed into a work of art. By working with his favorite medium, clay, Adam spent hours upon hours creating the waterway with flora and fauna commonly found in the area. This includes plant species like cottonwood trees, cattail and arundo; as well as animals like egrets, raccoons and hawks.




Adam began the process of creating the diorama by first shaping Styrofoam and layering it with water clay. Next, he smoothed the clay to begin the process of sculpting the terrain. Many molds later, a final casting was added and the painting process began. The result was a beautiful diorama of the Santa Ana Watershed.






We are very excited to share the diorama with children to teach them the importance of the Santa Ana Watershed and how stewardship is critical in protecting the waterway as well as the local species that depend on it; by demonstrating how local pollution can damage our environment and wildlife in the the Inland Empire and further downstream in the Pacific Ocean.

dioramaproject12_(2).png                dioramaproject14_(2).png


Meet the Artist


“When asked to talk about my work or even worse write about it, I can’t help but feel terrified. The truth is, for the most part I have no idea what I am doing. When making my work I just rely on what feels right at the time. What comes out of me tends to be warped portrayals of events and influences that helped shape the man I am today, for better or worse. I love craft and process, it is a big part of my work. Every piece is a labor of love and a near disaster every time. I like to work in clay for its ease of use and forgiving nature, however I’ve been known to venture into other mediums. Here are some of my main inspirations, museum dioramas, Mexican folk art, marionette puppets, George Pal Puppettoons, Bruce Bickford clay animation, and Art Clokey’s Davey and Goliath. I am a graduate of Calarts and live in Riverside California with my wife Quincy and daughter Violet and three cats.”

-Adam C. Maron

  • Work included in the Lloyd Cotsen Neutrogena Folk Art collection – on permanent display in the International Museum of Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Work included in the Sanford M. Besser Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Work included in the Collection of Matt Besser, on display at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Los Angeles, CA