River KATS Month of Field Trips

This month has been exceptionally busy with many field trips to beautiful destinations in the Upper Santa Ana River Watershed for underserved schools in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

We were beyond excited to work with the third grade class of San Bernardino’s Urbita Elementary for the very first time this year. These children visited the Santa Ana River to learn more about the cultural history of the river, including the Native Americans who lived in the watershed for hundreds of years, as well as the diverse species in the area. These children created their very own animal tracks, like the ones they spotted on their hike to the river, and met live animals to better understand how invasive species are introduced.


In two days, the entire third grade class of Jurupa Valley’s Rustic Lane Elementary participated in a field trip to the Santa Ana where students learned about their river and its endangered species, learned about the importance of water quality, why it is important to conserve water!


We introduced Clearwater Elementary’s sixth grade to the California State Water Project at a field trip to Lake Perris! State park staff taught this group how the Project supplies Californians with water by a series of reservoirs and aqueducts beginning in Northern California where it later terminates at Lake Perris. They also learned how the characteristics of native plants help to conserve water, and how humans impact water quality.


We finished March off with our first field trip to Lytle Creek with the Biology and Environmental students of Fontana’s Kaiser High School! Students conducted water testing at the creek and observed aquatic macroinvertebrates—which are amazing indicators of water health!