RKATS 2015-2016: Pedley Elementary Visit the Santa Ana River


Waterkeeper had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Palagi’s class of Pedley Elementary for the first time thanks to a grant from the Jurupa Community Services District! If you are in the Jurupa Valley Area, check out how your class can receive a free RiverKATS field trip to the Santa Ana River!

Mrs. Palagi's class was an amazing group of special education students that were beyond excited to connect with nature and the Santa Ana River and we were happy to provide them with the opportunity! 


Students first used their ears to tune in to nature and identify the many sounds they could hear. Then all thirty students, including those in wheel chairs, made their way down the Santa Ana River Trail and to the beach at Martha McLean Park. On the trail students pointed out and learned about animal tracks, and native and invasive species of the river and riparian forest. Students also learned about federally endangered species like the Santa Ana Sucker fish and what they can do to protect it.

20160412_1023041.jpgAfter visiting the river, students learned more about their watershed, the Santa Ana River Watershed, and played in nature before they left for the day. We are very thankful to have the opportunity to work with this amazing group of students! Thank you Jurupa Community Services District!

If you teach a K-12 class in the City of Jurupa Valley, contact Korina@iewaterkeeper.org for a free field trip to the Santa Ana River!