RKATS 2015-2016: Norco High Visit the San Jacinto Wildlife Area


Inland Empire Waterkeeper had the privilege of sponsoring a field trip to the San Jacinto Wildlife Area for the AP Environmental Science class of Norco High. We were extremely excited for this trip to the Wildlife Area since it was the first time staff and students had the opportunity to explore this site. 




Our most favorite part of this experience was having an up-close look at the rich wildlife of the Area during the nature walk; raptors flew above our heads, hundreds of waterfowl were observed in the ponds, the numerous amount of animal tracks along the trails, and even having a lucky chance to spot a rare merlin! 


11.19coots.jpgWe are very thankful for the staff of Fish and Wildlife for taking the time to give us a tour of the San Jacinto Wildlife Area. We look forward to future field trips to this amazing site!