RiverKATS 2015: Sugar Hill Elementary Visit Inland Empire Utilities Agency

20150506_110831.jpgWe were so excited to send children of Moreno Valley’s Sugar Hill Elementary to an exciting day at Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) where they learned about the water treatment plant, the wetlands, and current water issues!

Just a few months ago at a sporting event, we met Mr. Sanchez and engaged in conversation where we learned that he was a fifth grade teacher from Moreno Valley and that his students had not been on a field trip for most of the school year. We were surprised to hear this. So we told him about our RiverKATS program and offered his class a field trip! Mr. Sanchez contacted us that following week and scheduled a trip to the IEUA Chino Creek Wetlands and Water Treatment Facility.

20150506_102207.jpgAbout a month later, we were finally able to meet the fifth grade class of Sugar Hill Elementary! IEUA staff began the day by teaching the children about the water cycle by making water cycle bracelets. Students were then led through the water treatment facility where they learned how water from their own homes is treated and how the final product can then be used for watering landscapes. They were also informed about current water issues and learned new ways to conserve water!

20150506_103642.jpgSugar Hill students then made their way to the Chino Creek Wetlands. They learned about the Santa Ana Watershed and how litter from any point within the watershed will eventually make its way to the ocean. They also learned how the wetlands can improve water quality to sustain the lives of the coots and mallards we saw in nearby ponds. 

We were so happy to meet Mr. Sanchez that day and provide his students from Moreno Valley with this trip to IEUA!