RiverKATS 2015: The Grove School Visit the Santa Ana River

2015051395110554.jpgWe had the pleasure of sending The Grove School in Redlands to the Santa Ana River as part of our River KATS program!

Waterkeeper attended the first ever Environmental Education Collaborative in February where environmental organizations and educators discussed how EEC can be a resource to the environmental education community. There we happened to meet Ms. Ramey Adams, an

20150513_121733_(2).jpgAP Environmental Science teacher at The Grove School in Redlands. As we continued to introduce ourselves, Ramey soon learned about Waterkeeper and the wonderful programs we offer to students living in the IE. Ramey was immediately intrigued by the RiverKATS program, so we just had to offer her class a field trip!

Just a few months later, we met with Ramey and the ninth grade class of The Grove School at Martha McLean Park. 

20150513_121857.jpgWe were so happy to teach these students about the history of McLean Park, the Santa Ana River, and the importance of water quality because not only were they inquisitive, they were engaged throughout the entire trip. We were also surprised to see how excited these students were to get into the river!