13516281_1128526357194125_7524150939727308580_n.jpgAttendance was at a record high for Waterkeeper’s third annual Rivercamp. The current climate of  water education and sustainability in the forefront of parents minds. Even that week's blistering weather could not contain the eager young minds of the Rivercampers. Children from all walks of life coming together to experience the Santa Ana River and learn about the environment, biology, geology, zoology and water science.


The Rivercampers were able to enjoy a live animal show courtesy of Pacific Animal Productions. They were introduced to exotic animals and learned about their behavioral and eating habits. They were able to learn about aquatic microorganisms and how to use a microscope. They studied the biology of turtles, bats, snakes, lizards and frogs. Animal track molds were made as they learned how to distinguish animals by the tracks they leave behind. A geologist  spoke to the children about different types of rocks and presented each Rivercamper with their own geode. On the last day of Rivercamp the children made recycled boats and raced them in the Santa Ana River.

20160628_095636.jpgAll the educational fun the Rivercampers were able to experience was thanks to donations from generous community members. Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water donated $3,000 to send 24 underserved children to Rivercamp. Some employees of Arrowhead also wrote personal checks. Supplies for Rivercamp were purchased with funds from the Dart Foundation.