River KATS 2016-2017: Mt. Vernon Elementary Students Visit Chino Creek Wetlands

studentsbinos.jpgWe focused outreach efforts to the most underserved schools in the Inland Empire, more specifically in the San Bernardino and Moreno Valley area. For our first program of the year we met with Mt. Vernon’s second grade class to talk about their watershed and the amazing things they will see and do on their field trip to the Inland Empire Utilities Agency’s Chino Creek Wetlands.



Children learned about where they live within the Santa Ana Watershed, how it is formed, and what they can do to protect it. Their in-class presentation also introduced them to the water cycle and common waterfowl. Students of Mt. Vernon Elementary were beyond excited for their field trip to the Chino Creek Wetlands.

The following morning students arrived in Chino and met with Waterkeeper and IEUA staff. They started the morning with a nature hike through a portion of the 22-acre park observing plants and trees like cattail, sycamores, sage, and different varieties of drought tolerant landscape. After observing many mallards and American coots, students played a few rounds of Bird Bingo to better identify common birds in the area. They also made water cycle bracelets to understand how the water cycle works and how water travels throughout our environment and atmosphere every day and everywhere.

groupphoto.jpgWe are so happy to have provided this opportunity to these very appreciative children of Mt. Vernon Elementary and this would not have been made possible without support from the Rose Foundation.