Ecological protection and restoration program

restoration3_sm.pngInland Empire Waterkeeper's Restoration Program implements restoration projects in ecologically degraded waterways to restore them to healthy, functional ecosystems. Restoration is a very complex process that requires extensive planning, monitoring, analysis, implementation and management. Restoration sites may be located in any riparian waterway in the Inland Empire; lakes, streams, creeks or arroyos. Orange County Coastkeeper, IEWK's founding organization, has successfully grown and planted giant kelp forests along the Newport Coast in Orange County. Nearly 800 species of fish have been documented in these new habitats. Eel grass beds also provide habitat for young native fish. It is IEWK's goal to have the same positive ecological impact in inland freshwater ecosystems.

Water quality programs

Inland Empire Waterkeeper has initiated several proactive water quality programs to achieve our long-term goals of enhancing and protecting inland waterways; to restore them to healthy, fully functioning ecosystems; and to balance water quality protection with human recreational use and enjoyment.

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