stormwater.jpgThe wet season has come to California in a big and wonderful way. The new year has been filled with pouring rain which has improved Southern California's drought status. Overall, 42% of California is now out of the drought, however, stormwater pollution is a concern when it begins to rain. 



  • Don't dump anything down storm drains. Be sure to clear away leaves and debris. Only rain down the drain. 
  • Wash your cars on the lawn/gravel or at a carwash. This prevents car soap from being washed away into our rivers or creeks. 
  • Clean after your pet. This prevents harmful bacteria from reaching our waterways. 
  • Give your sprinklers a break. Minimize runoff by preventing pooling of water. 
  • Make sure your car are well maintained. Make sure to clean up any oil and chemicals leaking from your cars. 

These are just some simple ways we can all prevent stormwater pollution. It is also important to note to always avoid waterways for 48 hours after a heavy rain