Crest to Coast 2017

Inland Empire Waterkeeper is proud to partner with Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water for a fourth year of Crest to Coast restorations. This year, Waterkeeper is targeting the Santa Ana's tributaries in San Bernardino!
If you would like to help clean our waterways, please visit the Calendar to RSVP for an upcoming waterway cleanup!

April 22, 2017 - Twin Creek
The Crest to Coast project headed upstream to San Bernardino to restore Twin Creek on Earth Day! 
Initial site visits in early February revealed how the waterway was highly impacted by the homeless encampments along the creek. Litter and large debris have accumulated in the vegetation along the waterway as well as throughout the underpass of Orange Show Road, which made it a top priority for restoration in San Bernardino. 
On Earth Day, over 56 community members including Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water families, members of the Urban Conservation Corps, members of the Cucamonga Foothill Preservation Alliance, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Fellows, and dedicated Crest to Coast community volunteers worked diligently and effectively at the site. 
Just after a few hours, approximately 10 tons or over 20,000 pounds of litter, debris, and toxic material was removed from the now dry bed of Twin Creek. We could not be more ecstatic of the effort and outcome put forth by all involved in this project! THANK YOU!

May 13, 2017- Santa Ana River

Crest to Coast partners with Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful to collect litter and waste from the Santa Ana River and trails within the riparian forest. Together, volunteers removed bags filled with trash as part of the Great American Cleanup. All in all, 19,000 pounds of litter, waste, and bulky items were removed from 36 locations throughout Riverside with the help of over 700 volunteers!


September 16, 2017 - Huntington Beach

The Crest to Coast project heads to Huntington Beach to care for the coastline! Over 65 Arrowhead Water employees and families come together for Coastal Cleanup Day to remove a 125 pounds of bits of litter from the sand including cigarette butts, straws, and other small litter hiding in the sand. To further celebrate this day and partnership, Waterkeeper and Arrowhead Water competed in games for fun raffle prizes! Join in on the fun for our next cleanup on October 21st at Twin Creek. Check out our calendar to RSVP!