Alternative Gifts for this Holiday Season

This holiday season give an alternative gift to your loved ones! Support in Waterkeeper in our efforts to keep our waterways clean for future generations to come. Recieve joy in knowing you are gifting the power of change to a loved one. Your gift in their name will keep our waterways swimmable, drinkable and fishable. 


great_blue_heron_stainless_steel_travel_mug.jpg great_blue_heron_mug.jpghawk.jpgplush_cougar.jpg

Great White Egret........................................$100 16oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 12 Month Waterkeeper Membership Subscription, a special edition Waterkeeper Coffee Table Book

A donation at the Great White Egret level will provide three under-served students with a RiverKATS field trip to a watershed science related destination. RiverKATS field trips allows students to explore local waterways, learn about important water quality issues, and foster stewardship for years to come. Donation also comes with a 12 Month Waterkeeper Membership Subscription. 

Blue Heron..................................................$50 Mug

A donation at the Blue Heron level will provide water quality testing kits to monitor waterway conditions of the Santa Ana River in Riverside and Jurupa Valley, where recreational use is present. Water quality monitoring is crucial in identifying runoffs of pollution that can harm the public as well as fish and wildlife.

Mountain Lion or Red-Tailed Hawk (with bird call)................$35 Plush Animal

Did you know mountain lions and red-tailed hawks can sometimes be found in the riparian forest of the Santa Ana Watershed? A donation at the Mountain Lion/Red Tailed Hawk level will provide supplies, food, and veterinary costs needed to support our live animal collection used for education efforts. We allow children and students to interact with animals to demonstrate the importance of maintaining healthy waterways and how animals are introduced into a watershed, which can be harmful to native species.

All Waterkeeper supporters will receive a full-color, signed certificate of adoption from our Associate Director, a Waterkeeper car decal gift for your donation, and a copy of a special edition of the Waterkeeper magazine. Certificates may be customized with names of individuals, businesses and organizations. Please allow 5-10 business days for certificates and gifts to be mailed directly to your home or business.

Smaller donations are appreciated as well! Check out our Donation page to find out how you can support our efforts for clean water!

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