Megan Brousseau, Associate Director

megan_head_shot_crop.jpgMegan is a lifelong resident of Riverside who specializes in connecting learners to their communities and local environment through innovative opportunities.  Her comprehensive background in program administration includes managing nature and science education venues, and developing science education programs in non-formal learning environments. An active member of the Inland Empire community, Megan has spent a decade working on projects that increase community livability and sustainability, from fundraising for  nonprofits to the development of southern California’s largest family nature club. A dedicated lifelong learner, Megan’s academic background has focused on environmental studies and human-environmental interaction with a degree in Zoology. Megan’s passion lies in cultivating a love and stewardship for our local environment in people of all ages. In her free time Megan enjoys exploring Southern California’s trails and waterways with her family and her nature club Inland Empire Kids Outdoors. E-mail:

Garry W. Brown, Executive Director

Garry.pngGarry Brown is president and chief executive officer of Inland Empire Waterkeeper and Orange County Coastkeeper, a non-profit organization he founded in 1999 to protect and preserve our local marine habitats and watersheds. Through Waterkeeper, Garry has negotiated solutions to runoff and pollution issues that have threatened our watershed. He’s a relentless advocate for cooperative solutions, but will litigate when boardroom discussions fail to bring results. Under Garry’s leadership, Waterkeeper has become a tried and trusted ward of our freshwater ecosystems through education, advocacy, restoration, research and enforcement.

Garry comes from a long background of building public-private partnerships. After earning a B.A. in Government from the University of Redlands, he served for five years as an assistant city manager, ten years as an advocate and executive director for trade associations in the real estate and building industries, and twice as president of a chamber of commerce. In 2001, he founded the Orange County League of Conservation Voters. In 2006, he published the first issue of “Coastkeeper Magazine.” These varied experiences brought him an extensive and pragmatic understanding of both state and local government and the politics that drive them. Garry is committed to expanding Waterkeeper’s presence as a proactive, results-driven organization that uses coalition building and partnerships to find effective solutions to the environmental problems that impact our communities and watersheds. Currently, Garry serves on numerous Boards of Director and governmental advisory committees, including:

  • Orange County Coastkeeper- Board President
  • California Coastkeeper Alliance- Board Vice-President
  • National Waterkeeper Alliance- Board member
  • SAWPA’s One Water One Watershed- Steering Committee
  • Chairman of OCTA’s Environmental Clean-up Allocation Committee
  • The Green Institute for Village Empowerment (GIVE)
  • Vote the Coast, Board Chairman
  • Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach OSPR Committee
  • National Water Research Institute’s Advisory Panel for the GroundWater Replenishment System
  • Ocean Defenders Alliance, Board Member
  • C.A.R.E.-California Artificial Reef Enhancement Foundation- BoardMember
  • American Green Power, Board member

Ray Hiemstra, Associate Director of Programs

Ray.pngRay has a B.A. in Geography (1998) and a certificate in Environmental Studies (2000) from California State University Long Beach.  Ray has been the Project Manager for several projects contracted by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, including:

- Santa Ana River Citizens Water Quality Project (319h) 2001-2004 
- Rhine Channel Remediation Alternatives Project (Prop 13) 2004-2006 
- Orange County Watersheds Citizen Monitoring Project (Prop 13) 2004-2006 
- Newport Bay Stormdrains Study, 2007-present

Ray participates as a Board Member of the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Safety Commission.   Ray works hard and plays hard, whether he’s riding motorcycles, hiking, fishing or relaxing to the tunes of Jimmy Buffet.

Colin Kelly, Staff Attorney

Colin.pngColin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon in 2003 and a Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School in 2009.  Colin’s responsibilities at Waterkeeper range from supervising our Legal Internship Program, advocating our position at regional meetings, and developing strategies for our legal actions.  Prior to accepting a position with Waterkeeper, Colin was the two-time President of the Environmental Law Society and one of six recipients of the 2009 Dean’s Citation Award at Whittier Law School. When he is not at Waterkeeper, Colin enjoys spending time with his friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, visiting friends in Oregon with his wife and baby daughter, and attending Oregon football games.

Korina Rangel, Programs Coordinator 


Korina has a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from the University of California. As Project Coordinator, Korina works on education, restoration and a variety of other projects for Inland Empire Waterkeeper. On her spare time, Korina enjoys hiking and exploring nature with her friends and family. 



Griselda Ramirez, Education and Outreach Coordinator 



Griselda earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from California State University, San Bernardino in 2014. Griselda's goal has always been to work with a non-profit and make a positive difference in the world. As the Education Coordinator for Inland Empire Waterkeeper she aids with community engagement, education and advocacy through various forms of media. Griselda enjoys taking her dog for walks, spending time with family in nature and traveling across America in her spare time.



Waterkeeper Interns

 Elvin Vuong 



Elvin is currently an undergraduate at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona studying Geology. As a Stream Team member Elvin collects water quality samples from the Santa Ana River. Elvin collaborates with Waterkeeper staff to analyze the water quality samples collected. Elvin enjoys playing chess and listening to music on his spare time. 


 Johana Silva



 Johana has an M.S. and B.S. in Civil Engineering with an environmental emphasis from USC and Cal Poly Pomona.  Johana started volunteering for IE Waterkeeper in 2015, working on various projects. She loves working with an organization that makes an impact in people’s lives. Her favorite pastimes are playing her flute, reading comic books, spending time with family and friends and doing once-in-a-lifetime activities.  Whether she is air boating in the Florida Everglades, seeing the bottom of Niagara Falls or steamboating down the Mississippi River, she is enjoying life.


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Orange County Coastkeeper Staff

Executive Director:  Garry Brown

Associate Director:  Ellen Orange-Brown

Associate Director of Programs: Ray Hiemstra

Staff Attorney: Colin Kelly

Education Director: Dyana Peña

Garden Director: Austin Brown


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